About us

The Latin Boutique is a project that started after traveling for years all around Latin America enjoying its vast diversity and heritage. We particularly love exploring street markets located in remote villages where amazing food and handicrafts can be found. They are made by local people and represent years of tradition and culture.

The Latin Boutique dia de los muertos UK

Nowadays, when most things are mass produced in countries like China, it is admirable and respectable how these artists keep working hard in order to preserve their heritage and pass it on to future generations. Each item hand crafted symbolises the dream to communicate the uniqueness of Latin America.

We decided to start the Latin Boutique in 2016 because we wanted to offer these products that we love to people in the UK and Europe, considering that not everybody has the chance to travel so far away.

Our aim is not only to help local artisans to commercialize their products in Europe, but to modestly contribute in the promotion of their culture and place of origin.

At the moment, we specialize in both Latin American traditional food and handicrafts from Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela. Our handicrafts products include beautiful gifts and homeware such as mirrors, wood trays, photo frames as well as leather accessories for both women and men, necklaces, musical instruments. On the other hand, our food products range from Argentinean yerba mate to gourmet mexican sauces.

Some of these articles are very delicate and fragile, therefore we take every precaution when it comes to packing and shipping so your product will be delivered safely.

We ensure that you are purchasing something with a story, something made with skill and care. An item representing the magic of Latin America.