The spectacular craftsmanship of Chiapas, Mexico

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chiapas Mexico handmade artisan pottery
Almost all types of existent Mexican craftsmanship have their representation in Chiapas. A profound artistic sense and a rich variety of raw materials have taken Chiapas craftsmanship to offer a wonderful range of products and styles.

Textiles, pottery, ceramics, woodcarving and handmade jewelry are some of the most outstanding segments which we will be exploring further on this article.


Using techniques inherited from ancient indian tribes, every single piece is shaped by hand. The potters located in Amatenango del valle are well known because of their so delicate pieces of work made with “barro blanco” (white clay) such as: pots, jars, vases, jars, pots and slabs.
Jardines de México

chiapas Mexico handmade artisan pottery


The Maya influence can be found on the textile art of the different Chiapas ethnicities in both the colors, symbols and designs. Also, people learn how to make their own clothing from an early age using this cultural heritage. For example, blouses, skirts, shirts, shawls, blouses, girdles, pants, jackets and fine linens. The decoration of such items show the love for life y nature, featuring butterflies, birds, flowers and vivid colors, red, blue, yellow, purple, pink, among others.

chiapas Mexico handmade artisan pottery

Those crafted in both Zinacantan, Magdalenas, Lazrráinzar, Venustiano, Carranza, Sibaca and San JUan Chamula, stand out. They can be found in street market or craft shops along the different cities of Chiapas.

Casas de estilo Moderno por Camila Castilho – Arquitetura e Interiores
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“Laca” is a technique in which artisans paint putting oil on their fingers and apply enamel using brushes made with cat hair. This ancestral tradition has remained in Chiapas and it’s amazing look at the artworks they make on chests, toys, tableware, trunks, furniture, musical instruments and the so called “máscaras de los parachicos” or Masks for children.

chiapas Mexico handmade artisan pottery


So many different types of wooden can be found in Chiapas, therefore a huge variety of pieces can be produced and crafted. From typical mexican rustic furniture perfect for home decor, toys to very detailed carved wood artworks.

Artisans from San Juan Chamula and Chiapa de Corzo, are authentic artists when it comes to create sculptures related to religious and indian inspirations.

chiapas Mexico handmade artisan pottery


Each one of the main elements used in the traditional Chiapas jewelry have a special meaning. For example, Jade is the immortality stone, Amber is the matter that keeps evil spirits far away .

The amber is particularly important for Chiapas, because this fossilized resin from ancient forests, have magnificent colors and unique qualities that give artisans the chance of creating amazing necklaces, rings and trinkets. Such designs can be either with Pre-Hispanic styles or more contemporary as well.

chiapas Mexico handmade artisan pottery

95% of amber processed in Chiapas comes from the mine Simojovel and the quality and price depend on the color and transparency. Both “El museo del ambar” and “El museo del jade” exhibit fascinating craft works made with amber.